Mike Turner TNI Hearings DHL
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Turner and Ohio Delegation Efforts Result in Hearings from House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee

Dayton, Ohio- Congressman Mike Turner (OH-03) received confirmation today from the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee that they will hold hearings on the proposed deal between DHL and UPS.  The hearings are in response to a letter sent by Congressman Turner and the Ohio Delegation asking for hearings examining the possible consequences of the deal between DHL and UPS and how they would affect the national and international shipping markets.

“I am thrilled that Chairman Oberstar and Ranking Member Mica have decided to hold hearings on the DHL proposal,” Congressman Turner said. “This deal, if it is allowed to be completed, would have consequences beyond its devastating impact on our local, state, and national economy. It would also remove a major element of the North American shipping market. This is why congressional hearings into this issue are so important. Hearings will allow our community and our nation to get more information from the people behind this decision.” 

Under the proposed terms of the partnership, DHL would be contracted by UPS to pick up and deliver products but would have no role in product shipping and sorting. These roles would be filled by UPS, which also acquired Emery Airlines in Dayton in 2005 in a consolidation move that cost approximately 1,200 jobs. The partnership could compromise over 8,000 jobs that are based in DHL’s Wilmington hub.