Our military men and women bravely risk their lives to defend the freedoms we are privileged to enjoy as Americans.

We have a duty to help our servicemen and women have the protection, the resources, and the certainty required to successfully protect our country and keep our families safe. That is why Congressman Turner continues to lead the charge against irresponsible and devastating cuts to our nation’s military funding that could seriously jeopardize our national security.

As a senior member of the House Armed Services Committee, Congressman Turner has been a lead advocate for securing proper funding for the U.S. nuclear deterrent, which is vital to our national security as Russia and China increase their nuclear stockpiles. In addition, Congressman Turner has spoken out about Russia and China’s aggressive pursuits in Space. He is helping lead efforts to ensure America remains the leader in outer space, and that Ohio stays at the forefront of opportunities to grow the U.S. space and defense program.

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