1.Title of Request: Wright Patterson Regional Council of Governments 

Proposed Recipient: Wright Patterson Regional Council of Governments, located at 44 W. Hebble Avenue, Fairborn, OH 45324

Amount of the Request: $4 million

Purpose: The project provides initial funding for the Wright Patterson Regional Council of Governments, the members of which are the communities surrounding Wright Patterson Air Force Base, including the Cities of Beavercreek, Dayton, Fairborn, Huber Heights and Riverside, and Bath Township.  Funding would be used to perform studies, evaluations, and programs for the purpose of economic development planning and support to small businesses in the communities surrounding the installation.  This is an urgent and widely recognized community need provided Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is the largest single site employer in the State of Ohio with more than 30,000 workers.  The project is anticipated to provide substantial local and regional benefits to small businesses that interact with the base and to enhance economic opportunities in the vicinity of the base as and the quality of life for the men and woman who serve there as well as their neighbors.  


2. Title of Request: I-675 / Grange Hall Interchange Project

 Proposed Recipient: City of Beavercreek, located at 1368 Research Park Drive, Beavercreek, OH 45432

 Amount of the Request: $400,000 

Purpose: Interstate 675 and the Grange Hall Road corridors provide a vital link to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.  With the growth of this area over time, including major defense industry contractors, additional missions at the installation, and the construction of a regional hospital, this corridor now experiences significant traffic delays during peak travel times and a higher crash rate.  To improve safety, traffic flow, and access to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, the existing half interchange at Grange Hall Road and Interstate 675 needs to be upgraded to a full access interchange.  The proposed funding would be used to complete a Conceptual Alternates Study and an Interchange Modification Study that are required to advance this needed improvement with the Ohio Department of Transportation. 


3. Title of Request: Child Development Center – Military Construction

 Proposed Recipient: Wright Patterson Air Force Base / Air Force Materiel Command, located at 4375 Chidlaw Road, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, OH 45433.

 Amount of the Request: $24 million

 Purpose: A military construction project offered as the Priority #6 item on the United States Air Force FY 2022 Unfunded Priority Listing proposes $24 million in project funds for the construction of a Child Development Center on Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio.  The proposed center would be approximately 43,000 Square Feet, with capacity for 304 children, and would include force protection features, classroom and administrative areas, food preparation, outdoor sheltered play areas, and parking and pick-up/drop off areas.  The proposed center will be designed as permanent construction in accordance with applicable Department of Defense Unified Facilities Criteria and would meet all Air Force and other applicable design and construction standards for Child Development Centers, including Antiterrorism/Force Protection standards, Americans with Disabilities Act standards, and fire code requirements.  This facility will relocate 100 children from a failing, off-base facility with insufficient capacity to meet required demand for which there is no work-around for lack of childcare spaces.  In the event of outages or systems failures forcing facility shut-down, the base chapel is used as a temporary space while parents leave work to retrieve their children. 


4. Title of Request: Dayton Arcade Renovation Project

 Proposed Recipient: City of Dayton, located at 101 West Third Street, Dayton, OH 45402.

 Amount of the Request: $4.55 million

 Purpose: The funding would be used for design, demolition, and renovation of the historic Arcade located in downtown Dayton, Ohio, to create office space; a state of the art, fully equipped kitchen for food entrepreneurs; art studios; maker spaces; galleries; classrooms; and, event spaces for arts education for children and adults alongside professional development and business advancement for artists.  The Dayton Arcade was constructed between 1902 and 1904.  It is one of the most architecturally significant buildings in downtown Dayton and has been a central to downtown life for more than a century.  The Arcade project is the highest strategic priority for the City of Dayton, with early signs indicating that the Arcade is energizing the downtown economy and galvanizing growth as the region emerges from the COVID pandemic.  The Arcade project was conceived to accelerate economic activity in downtown Dayton utilizing a mix of business/technology, social and cultural entrepreneurship models.  This intentional mix results in collaboration between entrepreneurs whose success will lead to the reactivation of nearly 2 million square feet of opportunity space located along the Main Street corridor.  The Arcade, by its very nature, supports truly inclusive economic opportunity, and fosters transformative programs and partnerships that will revive and rebuild healthy, thriving neighborhoods, reduce economic inequities, and create entrepreneurial opportunities for our regional ecosystem.


5. Title of Request: Former Trotwood Salem Mall Redevelopment

Proposed Recipient: Trotwood Community Improvement Corporation, located at 3035 Olive Road, Trotwood, OH 45426.

Amount of the Request: $500,000

Purpose: Funding requested would support renovation of the 126,000 square foot former Sears building and redevelopment of the surrounding 56 acres making up the former Trotwood Salem Mall property, which was the first enclosed shopping center in the Dayton, Ohio, area and closed in 2005.  Renovation will allow reuse of the building and land for productive job creation, workforce development programming, and access to healthy food for residents.  This funding will be used to leverage additional funding sources and secure financing for capital improvements related to the full redevelopment of the former Sears building and surrounding mall property. 

The benefits of this project will be many, in that the primary goal of this redevelopment is to bring access to needs currently being under-served in the Trotwood community.  First, to bring access to healthy food through a multi-pronged approach of working with institutional grocery stores to bring a store to the site and, also to create opportunity for local food entrepreneurs to sell and serve residents at this location.  Second, to continue to strengthen the local workforce and meet the skilled needs of local businesses, this project looks to facilitate workforce development programming to increase the job readiness of Trotwood's workers.  Additionally, working with regional and institutional partners, a focus on supporting and training entrepreneurs starting or growing their own businesses.  Finally, this funding will seed capital infusion to be used to redevelop this long dormant and underutilized site at the former Salem Mall, creating a local economic engine that will empower residents and the community through providing access to resources and opportunities currently not available in the community.


6. Title of Request: onMain Dayton Exposition Hall Renovation

Proposed Recipient: onMain, Inc., located at 110 North Main Street, Suite 1250, Dayton, OH 45402

Amount of the Request: $900,000

Purpose: Funding requested would support renovation of the Exposition Hall building which was constructed in 1874, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and was the center piece of the former Montgomery County Fairgrounds that occupied the site for nearly 150 years.  As the only remaining building on the site of the Fairgrounds, protecting the Exhibition Hall from further deterioration is important to ensuring that a planned future adaptive reuse is viable.  The scope of work involves reconstruction of a new cupula that was destroyed in a fire, installation of new windows to match the original openings, and repair and replacement of exterior siding.  The Exhibition Hall renovation is part of ‘onMain,’ a major mixed-use redevelopment initiative that will transform a 38-acre site just south of downtown Dayton for job creation and economic development.  The onMain vision for redeveloping the former Montgomery County Fairgrounds integrates the Exposition Hall as primary feature and organizing element for the master plan.  The exterior renovation of the Hall will safeguard the building for its future reuse and will demonstrate to the Dayton community onMain’s commitment to retaining this important landmark.


7. Title of Request: Cassano Health Center Renovation and Revitalization

 Proposed Recipient: The Grandview Foundation located at 405 W. Grand Avenue, Dayton, OH 45405.

 Amount of the Request: $1.25 million

Purpose:  The funding requested would be used to support the $2.5 million renovation and expansion of the Cassano Health Center, Dayton, Ohio's largest provider of primary and specialty care and wrap around social services to underserved members of the Dayton community.  Staffed by Grandview Hospital (Kettering Health) resident physicians and their attending trainers, the clinic ensures that marginalized groups have access to an ongoing medical home and critically, to the specialists they need.  An established relationship with trusted providers at Cassano helps prevent patients from seeking expensive and episodic care at emergency rooms across Dayton.


8. Title of Request: Woodland Cemetery Restoration and Preservation                            

Proposed Recipient: Woodland Arboretum Foundation located at 118 Woodland Avenue, Dayton, Ohio 45409.

Amount of the Request: $1 million

Purpose: Established in 1841, Woodland Cemetery & Arboretum has a multi-phased plan of restoring the historic structures on its grounds.  This phased approach for restoration allows for much needed work to proceed forward as funding is received.  Funding requested for the first phase of this project involves the restoration of the Tiffany Chapel, Gate and Administration Office.  The project scope is to restore, stabilize, and prevent further deterioration of the structures including the stonework, clay-tile roofs, bronze custom gutters and the Tiffany glass windows within the Chapel while maintaining the structural and historical integrity of each window.  


9. Title of Request: Sinclair Community College Center for Advanced Manufacturing

Proposed Recipient: Sinclair Community College, located at 444 W. Third Street, Dayton, OH 45404

Amount of the Request: $4 million

Purpose: Project funding will create an Advanced Manufacturing Center at Sinclair Community College that will develop a national model program integrating employers and educators while creating a feeder program from non-credit training into credit programs, leverage Sinclair’s experience developing competency-based programs expediting student completion and inclusion within the manufacturing job market, and cultivate pathways for how high school students to leverage their interest in STEM and move seamlessly to a rewarding career.  The funding requested would be used for needed equipment acquisition to outfit the Center of Advanced Manufacturing.


10. Title of Request: Miami Valley Intern Academy

Proposed Recipient: The Southwestern Ohio Council for Higher Education, located at 3155 Research Boulevard, Dayton, Ohio 45420

Amount of the Request: $1 million

Purpose: Through the Miami Valley Intern Academy (MVIA), high school students receive first-hand educational experience in their industry of choice, or multiple industries of choice.  In addition, students receive educational guidance and coaching on in-demand career pathways.  The funding requested will kickstart MVIA by providing 50% of the funding for every intern.  After the first year, each employer will sponsor students out of their annual operating budget.